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A Specialty Chemical
   & Equipment Company
Since our start in 1986, Martron Inc. has been providing chemicals, equipment and service for the Metal Finishing,    Printed Circuit Board and Semiconductor Industries.  We sell        more than 4,500 products including our own blend of          chemicals, filters and selected OEM Manufacturers.           
Martron Inc. solutions enhance and protect the products              
people use every day. For over 34 years, we have made                  satisfying the innovation and service needs of                   
customers our first priority, and this dedication has                      
enabled us to be specified by more companies                         
every year.                           
Our Mission is simply put, "We promise to deliver the best quality products, service and prices possible."

We are ready to help identify and troubleshoot any plating problems you may come across. Call us for a quote and experience the difference in service that we offer. 


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