Martron Inc. has products available for chromate coatings.  If you need to know more about these products, just give us a call.  We'll be glad to identify the products that would benefit your need.   
MARTRON 5090-25 is a high performance, thick-film trivalent conversion coating for electroplated zinc.
MARTRON AL10C is a powdered chemical used to form a protective conversion coating on aluminum surfaces which minimizes corrosion and provides an improved bond for painting.
MARTRON BLK3ZN is a totally trivalent conversion (hex-free) process that will produce a Jet Black conversion coating on electroplated chloride zinc deposits. 
MARTRON JETBLACK 10 is a simple and efficient process for applying a single stage black chromate on zinc plate.
MARTRON SIX PLUE-LY-DYE is a liquid dye additive for use in combination with heavy film building trivalent chromates to provide a yellow film on zinc-plated parts.
MARTRON TRIBLACK 500 SEALER is a unique aqueous coating and sealant specifically formulated to produce a clear, corrosion resistant topcoat on electrodeposited metallic coatings.
MARTRON ZNBL 5090 is a high quality, single component, environmentally friendly trivalent chromate providing a clear blue conversion coating for electroplated zinc deposits.

Martron 5090-25 Sealer is a revolutionary, thin-uniform film topcoat.

MARTRON ALTV-90 is a concentrated liquid trivalent chromate product used to apply a clear to light yellow iridescent chromate conversion coating by immersion on aluminum and aluminum alloys to provide paint adhesion and corrosion protection.
MARTRON C-10-L provides a clear, iridescent or bronze corrosion resistant chromate coating.  This product works well in both rack and barrel plating lines. 
MARTRON OD-2 is a two component chromate conversion coating for electroplated zinc or cadmium that will produce a heavy olive drab colored coating.
MARTRON TRIBLACK 500 is a unique easy to use all trivalent black conversion coating that can be applied to electrodeposited zinc and its various alloys. 
MARTRON ZN SEAL 900NA is an improved plating post treatment product which when applied in a final rinse and dried prevents the formation of white corrosion products on zinc plate. 
MARTRON ZNBL 5090 YD is a unique yellow dye used with MARTRON ZNBL 5090.  This product can be used on a wide variety of zinc plated electrolytes.

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