MARTRON BRIGHT DIP 2000 is a peroxide-based chemical polishing system that will provide a high luster on brass and most copper alloys.  In many cases the MARTRON BRIGHT DIP 2000 will give a chemical alternative to buffing.
MARTRON KCI is a moderate duty cleaning and polishing compound for copper and copper based alloys. 
MARTRON POST BRIGHT DIP 24 is a high-strength, liquid concentrate composed of a blend of acid, solvent, surfactants and chelators designed to accomplish in one step, the cleaning and preparation of a variety of metal surfaces prior to blackening, phosphating and chromating.
MARTRON 90G PREDIP is a chemical treatment that produces a clear, protective chromate conversion coating on continuous galvanized strip and on various zinc-aluminum surfaces.
MARTRON 110 DEFOAMER is a water dilutable 10% active silicone defoamer designed to control foam in aqueous systems.  It will perform well in both highly acidic and highly alkaline solutions.
MARTRON DEFOAMER 350 was formulated for use as a biological effluent defoamer with a high speed rate to afford efficient foam control across the system. 
MARTRON ES POLISH is a unique, liquid product designed to polish 200, 300, 400, 600 and 700 Series Stainless Steel.
MARTRON CBB-700 is a carefully blended, powdered product which is easily dissolved in water to form a non-fuming bright dip solution for copper, brass or other copper alloys.
MARTRON LAQ WDL is a specially formulated organ-mineral liquid concentrate, used to impart increased corrosion protection to parts processed with MARTRON 5090-25 conversion coatings.
MARTRON PROGARD 460 is a specially formulated organo-mineral liquid concentrate designed to protect zinc and zinc alloy finishes.
MARTRON NI ACETATE SEALER is a nickel acetate liquid, specifically formulated to provide a high quality seal for dyed anodized aluminum.

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