Martron Inc. offers products that will assist you with your metal stripping needs.  Just give us a call and we'll be glad to identify the products that we feel would benefit you and your need.


B-9 NICKEL STRIPPERS is for fast removal of nickel from steel, copper, brass, zinc die-cast, silver, gold, tin, aluminum, lead and lead annoys.
MARTRON NI STRIP is a powdered material that is dissolved in water along with acid to form a solution that will rapidly strip nickel, cadmium, zinc, tin and lead from brass, copper and copper base alloys by simple immersion.
MARTRON MARSTRIP CU is a two component immersion non -cyanide and chrome free strip for copper that will not attack steel substrates when used as directed.
MARTRON RSS-1OO PROCESS is an electrolytic rack stripper for removing multiple plated coatings from type 304 or 316 stainless steel rack tips.  This product will remove a variety of coatings, including nickel, nickel iron, chrome, copper, zinc, cadmium, tin and tin-lead solders.

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