Martron Inc. has products available for your aluminum plating needs.  If you need to know more about these products, just give us a call and we will be glad to help identify the products that can benefit you and your company.
MARTRON 700-EE is a unique liquid additive for higher temperature Type III anodizing.
MARTRON ALU ACID ETCH is specifically designed for cleaning and etching aluminum and aluminum alloys.
MARTRON Gold S Dye is a single component, water soluble dye, used to color anodized aluminum gold, similar to 14 karat gold.
MARTRON ALOX 289 is an easy to use liquid material designed to deoxidize and de-smut wrought aluminum alloys prior to anodizing, bright dipping or chromating.
MARTRON DEEP BLACK DYLE MLW is a multi-component , water soluble dye, used to color anodized aluminum black.
MARTRON IMPABOND 40 is a concentrated liquid zincate formulation for the pretreatment of aluminum and its alloys.

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