Martron Inc. has products to be used in electro-cleaning.  This cleaning is needed to prepare parts for electroplating.  If you need to know more about these products, just give us a call.  We'll be glad to identify the products that would benefit your electro-cleaning needs.   
MARTRON 342 is an alkaline heavy duty electro-cleaner for use on ferrous materials.  It is an excellent choice for wire goods and brazed tubular work where welding scale and flux are problems. 
MARTRON E-94 is an economical alkaline electro-cleaner for steel, iron, and copper prior to electroplating.  This product is non-phosphate and non-chelated.
MARTRON ECA-200 is an economical alkaline electro-cleaner for steel, iron and copper prior to electroplating.  This product provides excellent detergency for the removal of fabricating oils and compounds. 
MARTRON ECM 117L is an alkaline, heavy duty, electrolytic cleaning compound with chelating action which rapidly removes smut, light surface rust, finger prints and a variety of soils from steel. 
MARTRON BH-PR is recommended for oily steel and can be used for other metals such as buffed copper.  This product can be used to strip chrome from nickel plated work.   
MARTRON EBZ-4-L is a highly concentrated liquid alkaline cleaner that can be used primarily as an electro-cleaner or as a light duty soak cleaner for steel, brass, copper and various precious metal alloys. 
MARTRON ECM-117 is a high detergency product, therefore produces a clean bright and soil free surface.  MARTRON ECM-117 has low foaming action. 
MARTRON HWE is used for cleaning steel, copper plated steel, brass and bronze prior to electroplating and for cleaning in continuous strip mills. 

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