Martron Inc. has several different chrome applications and we're always improving these processes.  If you need to know more about these processes just give us a call.  We'll be glad to identify your chrome applications and needs.   
MARTRON CPA PROCESS provides bright, strain-free chromium deposits over a wide range of operating conditions. 
MARTRON L CHROME Is a chromium acid and sulfuric acid blend.
MARTRON MTC POST DIP-1 was developed to cope with minor rusting of thin or unplated areas on ferrous substrates following nickel and trivalent chromium plating.
MARTRON POST DIP-10 is a green water soluble liquid corrosion inhibitor that contains no nitrite, chromate, or heavy metals especially formulated for use on steel, cast iron and some non-ferrous metals. 
Martron HCR Chromium Plating Process is a bright, trouble-free, highly activating, stain-free system with exceptional covering power.
MARTRON MS-R 1600 is an additive used in chromium plating solutions to suppress fumes and reduce the surface tension of the bath. 
MARTRON MTC POST DIP-5 was developed for use with tri-chrome plating.  MARTRON MTC POST DIP-5 is a simple immersion process used following the rinsing operations.
PROCESS FOR WHITE TRIVALENT CHROMIUM PLATING - MARTRON MTC PROCESS has excellent plating speed which allows easy conversion from existing hexavalent processes.  
MARTRON MTC TEMPORIZER was developed to provide TVC users with a means of reducing the cosmetic effects of small amounts of organic contaminants that produce darkness in mid current density areas. 

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