Martron Inc. has several different nickel applications and we're always improving these processes.  If you need to know more about these processes just give us a call.  We'll be glad to identify your nickel applications and needs.   
MARTRON APA-2 is a wetting agent for nickel plating baths. 
MARTRON ENP PROCESS offers numerous advantages for precision nickel plating in the electronic, printed circuit, and allied fields where low or controlled stress, ductility, and good color are desired.    Excellent as an underplate for gold.
MARTRON FE COMPLEXER is designed to minimize iron contamination problems frequently encountered in many nickel plating operations, such as plugging of anode bags, shelf roughness, iron pitting, etc. 
MARTRON NICKEL ACTIVATOR AT is a liquid material used in an acid solution to activate passive nickel deposits prior to chromium plating.  It prepares surfaces for better chromium acceptance and is particularly helpful in difficult recessed areas. 
MARTRON NICKEL PURIFIER is a concentrated solution of organic materials that can be used to improve the performance of bright nickel and nickel-iron plating solutions contaminated with many metallic impurities, and some organic compounds. 
MARTRON NICKEL SULFATE LIQUID was specifically developed to meet the needs of the electrolytic and electroless nickel plating industry where very low impurity levels are required. 
MARTRON NI SATIN PROCESS is an economical, high performance, neutral-satin nickel system that is specifically designed to provide excellent color, variable neutral brightness range, versatility and reliability.
MARTRON NICKEL CHLORID LIQUID was specifically developed to meet the needs of the nickel plating industry where a very low impurity level is required.  It is produced from high purity, virgin nickel powder that assures a consistent, high quality product. 
MARTRON NICKEL SULFAMATE 24 was designed for electronic, electroforming and engineering applications where deposits with low internal stress and high purity are essential. 
MARTRON PPS-1 PROCESS can be used in duplex or multilayer nickel systems where extended corrosion resistance is required.  It can be used in air or mechanically agitated plating baths, as well as barrel plating. 

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